Ranch Location and History

Ranch Location

Faith Ranch is located in South Texas at the intersection of Dimmit, Webb, and Maverick Counties.† The ranch headquarters is about 30 miles southwest of Carrizo Springs, Texas.


Ranch History

Faith Ranch was carved out of the Indio and Chupadera Ranches.† Houston lumberman and oil man J.M. West, Sr. purchased the 78,000 Chupadera Ranch (Dimmit, Webb, and Maverick Counties) in 1932 and the Indio Ranch (Maverick and Webb Counties) in 1940.† His son, Wesley West, divided these ranches with his brotherís family in 1960.† Wesley took the contiguous middle of these two ranches and called it the Faith Ranch.† The Faith Ranch spans over 40,000 acres and is today owned by the descendants of J.M. West, Sr.

Before Stuart W. Stedman became involved in the management of the Faith Ranch, he enjoyed many happy times at the Faith Ranch.† He is shown in the photo to the left during one of his early trips to the ranch.


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