Why hunt the Faith Ranch?

The Biggest Bucks in Texas

Since 1980, Dimmit County ranks number 2 in the United States in the number of Boone & Crockett record book whitetails (23 bucks).  Webb County ranks number 4 with 21 bucks.  Maverick County, home of the number  one Texas typical (the McCullough buck) has over 11 records since 1980.  Those top producing counties intersect at only one place: THE FAITH RANCH.

Intensive management and a commitment to wildlife research

Nature provides the Faith Ranch with the ingredients to produce large white-tailed deer.  Our primary job is to not screw up what nature has provided.  We do that by very conservative harvest practices: we DO NOT allow immature bucks to be killed and we limit the number of each buck class—gold, silver, and bronze—our hunters take. To paraphrase a tired cliché, “we will harvest no buck before its time.”

Top quality guides

As those who have hunted with other outfitters know well, the quality of the guides is a critical ingredient to the success of the hunt and one's overall hunting experience. Faith Ranch prides itself on the quality of our deer hunting guides. They know deer behavior; they can judge antlers; they understand how to age whitetails; and they know how to take care of their hunters. We are confident that you will find the guides at the Faith Ranch second-to-none.

You will see lots of bucks                                   

Why does Faith produce big bucks? 

Faith has four ingredients that has allowed it to produce large white-tailed bucks:  (1) a large ranch itself (40,000 acres), it is surrounded by large ranches; (2) the ranch is remote—located far away from any population center; (3) its soils are diverse with a sandy belt called the Carrizo sand that runs through the ranch; and (4) the low rainfall the ranch receives, paradoxically, produces big bucks by keeping the population well within the carrying capacity of the land.

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