Gold Hunts


Gold Hunts are the top-of-the line deer hunts at the  Faith Ranch.  Because these bucks are at the far right end of the bell curve, we do not sell many of these bucks. See the Distribution of B&C Scores of Mature Bucks at the Faith Ranch. The following photos depict representative Gold class bucks:

Bill Glendening 2000
Chris Robinson 2002
Randall Welsh 2002


Length of the Hunt: 
4 ½ days.  The Gold Hunter hunts the afternoon of his arrival plus four full days thereafter.
Number of Gold Hunts Sold:
The Faith Ranch has sold 6 Gold Hunts for the past few deer seasons.  We expect that number to increase as our intensively-managed, high-fenced operation matures.
A Guide’s Choice Buck Possibility:
When a Gold Hunter’s guide sees a mature buck whose antlers are less than Bronze class in quality, the guide—at his option—will ask the Gold Hunter to shoot the Guide’s Choice buck.  Faith Ranch does not charge the hunter for a Guide’s Choice Buck.

Guides Choice
Guides Choice
Guides Choice

Additional Bronze Bucks:
For an additional fee, a Gold Hunter may kill up to two additional Bronze class bucks, subject to availability.
Other Game:
A Gold Hunter may also kill feral hogs (but only one boar and then only if the hunter intends to mount the boar), coyotes, one bobcat, and two javelina.
Price of Gold Hunt:
$8,000, plus a trophy fee of $500 per antler inch for bucks that have a gross Boone & Crockett score of 171 and greater.
Tipping policy:
Tipping of guides is expected.  A good rule of thumb is to tip 10% of the price of the hunt ($800 for a Gold Hunt) plus 10% of the price of additional Bronze bucks taken.  Tips are an important reason Faith Ranch can attract top quality guides. Hunters are also encouraged to tip the cooking and cleaning staff.
Accommodations at the Faith Ranch are the finest to be found. The Package hunt facility consists of a newly remodeled kitchen and dining area where we will provide and prepare all meals for our hunters, as well as a hunter’s bunkhouse.

The bunkhouse is a 3-room building. Each room is a two bed, one bathroom design. Therefore, package hunters will be required to share a room with one other hunter. All beverages, including alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and mixed drinks will also be provided (no alcoholic beverages are permitted while hunting). To make your stay more pleasurable we should be advised of any special requirements in advance.

Additional Guest Policy:
Space at the Faith ranch hunting lodge is limited. However, if space is available hunters are welcome to have non-hunting guests. During the gold hunt a non-hunting guest fee of $600.00 per person will be charged. Available space for non-hunting guests must be approved when booking your hunt.
Wounded Deer Policy: 
A wounded deer, determined by any physical evidence that deer was shot (blood or hair, e.g.), counts as the hunter’s buck.
Faith Ranch does not guarantee that a Gold Hunter will be successful in killing a Gold buck.
Working one’s way up to a Gold Hunt:
Because we sell very few Gold Hunts, a new hunter to the Faith Ranch guided hunting program will not start out at the Gold Hunt level.  Most hunters will have to start out at the Bronze Hunt Level.  There is one significant exception, however: the corporate group hunt.  Faith Ranch will make every effort to provide one Silver Hunt and one Gold Hunt to a businessman who purchases an entire group of Bronze Hunts (generally 7 Bronze Hunts). 


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